In a video interview released on Thursday, gender theorist-philosopher Judith Butler offered her thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Unsurprisingly, her thoughts are quite ludicrous.

Butler's first contention is that peace is presently impossible because the Palestinians are deprived of "all rights of political self-determination. They don't have a state, they're stateless or they're colonized."

For any peace process to be pursued effectively, Butler says, everyone must recognize "that the [Palestinian] struggle is a struggle to end colonial power and colonial domination. And it's only after that — once the colonization process stops and its effects are reversed -- that we can start to talk about what it is for Palestinians and Jews to live under conditions of equality."

This would seem to suggest a total and unconditional Israeli acquiescence to Palestinian demands. A process which might, just maybe, make Hamas less willing to make its own concessions.

But Butler isn't interested in reality. Instead, she views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the fundamental prism of secular class warfare.

Hamas? Islamic Jihad? Butler regards Islamic extremist organizations as fundamentally irrelevant, indeed non-existent!

In the same vein, Butler doesn't see Israeli policy as anything more than the product of a 19th-century style colonial overlord. The policy divergences between Likud and the Zionist Union, or Yesh Atid and United Torah Judaism?

Butler ignores them completely. It's the total neglect of reality. Just as Palestinian politics are defined by factional splits between and within Fatah and Hamas, Israeli politics reflect an energetic diversity of viewpoints and faiths.

Still, Butler isn't exactly hesitant in offering her broader expectations for the future of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "We can't talk about living side by side or living in equality when colonization continues to happen and structural inequality continues to happen... It's hard when you're colonized to have a lot of empathy for your colonizer."

"Colonialism," "domination," "equality," "inequality."

It's textbook Marxist theory: emotive faux-intellectualism veiled in broad phrases and absent realities. And an ideological approach that offers far less nuance than peace will require.

Achieving an actual peace deal, of course, will involve hard deliberations over the long-term status of Jerusalem, about how the Palestinian-perceived "right of return" might be balanced or offset in light of Israeli demographic concerns, about aquifers under the West Bank and settlements in it, about a contiguous connection between Gaza and Ramallah, about Israel's need for security in return for concessions, and about many other issues.

But as I say, even if she is a disciple of progressivism, Butler has no interest in actual progress. No, she is happy pontificating into absurdity and rendering herself another apologist minion for stupidity.

Don't believe me? Watch below.