Border Patrol agents are pummeling the prototypes for President Trump's proposed southern border wall with jackhammers and saws as they physically test the structures for strengths and weaknesses, according to Custom and Border Protection officials.

“CBP is testing the prototypes against the techniques used by smugglers on the southwest border to circumvent [the] current border barrier,” Carlos Diaz, CBP Southwest Branch chief, told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, referring to eight samples constructed by six companies in San Diego, Calif.

Tests of the 18-to-30 feet high walls conducted over the next 30 to 60 days will also include CBP tactical unit agents scaling the structures with ropes and hooks, per Newsweek.

The exercises won't encompass the use of vehicles, drones, catapults, or explosives against the mostly concrete options, the news outlet said.

“The purpose of this effort is to test and evaluate components of each prototype to identify key attributes for potential border wall designs, not select one sole or stand-alone prototype,” Diaz told the Washington Examiner.

The testing phase is the next step involved in Trump's effort to keep his campaign promise to build a barrier along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border.