The Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

In the latest victory for the transgender Gestapo, a British high school teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe, has been suspended and faces a disciplinary hearing for saying, "Well done, girls."

The issue?

Although he apologized immediately after making his comment, one of Sutcliffe's pupils, who is transgender and identifies as a boy, told his/her parents about Sutcliffe's "misgendering." The parents complained to the school and Sutcliffe faces being fired.

This is a frickin joke. As Lord Norman Tebbit, a British Conservative politician, told the Daily Mail, "It seems to me this is a mad world when someone is disciplined for stating a biological fact."


Now, aside from the biological evidence which suggests that the vast majority of transgender individuals suffer from gender dysphoria-rooted mental illness, Sutcliffe is a teacher not a liberal theologian. While it's true that Sutcliffe is also an evangelical pastor, he asserts that he only raises issues of theology during debating classes. These facts suggest Sutcliffe's generous apology should have ended the matter.

Of course, apology wasn't enough. After all, the Left cannot give an inch in opposing the extremism of religious freedom and free speech. Whether they're obstructing identity debates in Canada or calling for propaganda in museums or claiming that speech itself constitutes violence, the Left is on a crusade.

They compel compliant speech among moderates via the threat of punishment.

Consider what happened when Sutcliffe and a Christian lawyer appeared on a popular British TV talk show Monday morning. Both Sutcliffe and the lawyer honestly articulated why they believe society is on a negative trajectory vis-a-vis speech and the teaching of biology.

But a few minutes later, the two normally pleasant hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, decided they had to become enraged. Willoughby, to her credit, was more polite and told the two Christians "At some point, everybody has to take a step forward and realize and learn."

Willoughby's quote reminded me of another great leap forward.

Schofield showed his cards more bluntly, "It doesn't seem very Christian to me for you to be so intransigent," he said.

Think on those words.

They cut to the heart of the Left's vision of religion: If you do not bend your faith into compliance with our secular norms, you are irredeemably evil. To avoid any doubt on the part of his viewers, Schofield later added, "Holy cow, I'm finding this utterly abhorrent."

Why Schofield was shocked to hear these viewpoints from two evangelical Christians is beyond me, but still. Schofield ended the segment by explaining, "We'll get back to the show and back to 2017 and not medieval Britain in just a moment."

Seeing as medieval Britain was a place of philosophical and theological despotism, Schofield's words are inadvertently telling. The identity-politics Left has successfully cloaked its absolutism in the morality of the enlightenment.

And so, like Alice in Wonderland, we're living in a very different world. We must all do our part. So henceforth, I wish to identify as one-third Atlantic-population bottlenose dolphin, one-third Chinese duke from the Qing dynasty, and one-third Klingon from the House of Martok.