Celebrities and politicians are joining a campaign from comedians Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll to raise money for relief efforts in Puerto Rico by sharing embarrassing photos of themselves from their younger years.

Kroll announced the initiative during Thursday night's episode of "The Late Show" as a way to promote his new Netflix show, "Big Mouth," and encouraged fellow celebrities and viewers to share their own photos from adolescence using the hashtag #PuberMe.

Colbert was the first to join in on the campaign, and he pledged to donate $1,000 from The Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund to One America Appeal for every celebrity who posted an awkward photo from their teen years and used #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief. One America Appeal is a joint effort from the five living former U.S. presidents that started to support recovery efforts from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The organization has since expanded to include Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria devastated the islands.

Kroll vowed to match Colbert's donation.

"The Late Show" comedian kicked off the campaign by tweeting a photo of himself, and other celebrities and politicians quickly joined in.

"Hey @NickKroll and @StephenAtHome here's a photo of me from earlier today #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief," Jimmy Kimmel tweeted.

"Okay @StephenAtHome - is this photo of me at 15 years old awkward enough? #PuertoRicoRelief," Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, tweeted Friday with a photo from her teenage years.

".@NickKroll & @StephenAtHome asked me to post a photo from my awkward age to support #PuertoRicoRelief. Here's one I took last year #PuberMe," former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg posted.

"Hello ladies … and @nickkroll and @StephenAtHome, I'm James from High Wycombe, England. #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief," fellow late-night TV host James Corden tweeted.

"I'll show you my awkward self for #PuertoRicoRelief @nickkroll @StephenAtHome #PuberMe #GottaKickItUp #17," actress America Ferrera said.

"Um, @StephenAtHome @nickkroll? *Dumps jar full of #PuberMe on the counter* How much does this video get me for #PuertoRicoRelief? Thanks!" actor Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted, with an accompanying video.

"This photo circa 1972 will actually result in a donation to aid my fellow citizens in [Puerto Rico]. #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief," actress Jane Lynch tweeted with a photo.