Charlottesville, Va., Mayor Michael Signer said President Trump shoulders some of the blame for Saturday's violent protests in that city by white nationalists that left one protester and two state troopers dead.

"Well, look at the campaign he ran," Signer told CNN's Jake Tapper when asked directly about if President Trump should take some of the blame.

"I mean, look at the intentional courting both on the one hand of all these white supremacists, white nationalist group like that, anti-Semitic groups. And then look on the other hand the repeated failure to step up,condemn, denounce, silence, you know, put to bed all those different efforts just like we saw yesterday. I mean this is not hard.

"There's two words that need to be said over and over again: ‘domestic terrorism' and ‘white supremacy.' That is exactly what we saw on display this weekend and we just aren't seeing leadership from the White House," Signer added.

Mayor Signer also tried to put yesterday's violent scenes – with the nation seeing many front-line videos made by protesters – into a historical context.

"Our democracy has been through a lot in the last century," Signer noted. "Our city has been through a lot in the last century. We have come in this country through McCarthyism, segregation, Jim Crowe, and we've come through stronger than before. And that is what's going to happen now. We need to stand together on this new effort and that begins with a city like Charlottesville but should include the president."