From May 1 through May 23, Chick-fil-A locations in San Diego County, Calif., came together to pledge $1 from every Chocolate Chunk Cookie sold to Operation Homefront. The total donation was $15,620.

Operation Homefront is a resource everyone in the military community should know about. For those unfamiliar with the organization, they have a multitude of programs that offer assistance to active duty personnel and their families. Among the more popular programs are ones that distribute food and gifts to military families during the holidays, and a baby shower they sponsor for service members and military spouses who are expecting.

Despite controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A, the chain has a reputation for supporting the Armed Forces. Not only does the chain offer everyday military discounts, the chain hosts Military Appreciation events and distributes free food to service members. The chain often finds itself under attack in the media, mostly by groups of people who don't agree with the owner's beliefs. Many times, people tend to overlook the good aspects in favor of pushing an agenda that promotes their dark narrative.

One of the programs that will benefit from the donation made by the Chick-fil-A locations in San Diego County is the Rent-Free Transitional Housing Program. Wounded warriors can apply for this program, which provides furnished housing to those veterans and their families who are making the transition from military to civilian life. This program helps to alleviate the risk of becoming homeless.

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Angelina Newsom is an OpsLens Contributor and U.S. Army Veteran.

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