Republicans regularly attend church at twice the rate of Democrats, 46 percent of whom never go to a house of worship, according to a new survey.

In a poll about American's attitudes toward religious freedom, Republicans, and especially conservatives, are standout churchgoers. For Republicans, 46 percent said they "regularly attend," Democrats 23 percent. Just a quarter of Republicans, 24 percent, never attend or refused to answer the question compared to 46 percent of Democrats.

And when separated by ideology, only 18 percent of liberals said they regularly attend church and 62 percent said they never go. For conservatives, 41 percent regularly attend and 34 percent never go.

But among the nation, belief in God remains high, even among those unaffiliated with any church.

Evangelical Christians are the most religious, believe in God the most — 100 percent — and attend church more than any other group.

The survey was conducted by pollster Patrick Caddell and was focused on America's reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision approving of same-sex marriage. Most said that they would like a truce between gay activists and proponents of religious liberty, but in a culture war would side with religion-affiliated groups and businesses.

"What can be concluded from these results is: no one wants a religious war over this issue, but God help you if you start one," wrote Caddell in a memo provided to Secrets.

He also pointed to the results on America's belief in God and noted the strong spirituality of those unaffiliated with a religion, something dismissed in some other polls.

"Of those 13 percent who were 'no preference,' over three fifths are spiritual and express a belief in God. Indeed, in a follow up question to them, 71 percent identify as Christian. Therefore the vast majority of that growing category of none/no preference are Christians who are religious but are rejecting any specific organized denomination of religion," wrote Caddell.

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