Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer and the service workers' union teamed up Friday to announce a new $10 million campaign to defeat GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Steyer's group, NextGen Climate, teamed up with the Service Employees International Union in the latest push by a union and environmentalists to take down Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.

"Stopping the party of Trump is our number one priority this year," Steyer said. "Week after week, Trump continues his racist, xenophobic and hateful campaign for the highest elected office in America. Whether it's on climate change, economic opportunity or racial justice, a Trump presidency would be a disaster for working families. We need to stop Dangerous Donald."

Steyer late Thursday blasted Trump's pick for vice president, former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, calling the choice an affront to the lesbian and gay community.

"Mike Pence rose to national prominence with his support of an anti-LGBT bill in Indiana," Steyer said. "Now Donald Trump has resurrected his career, reaching to the very bottom of the apple barrel to find someone to match his own record of intolerance and bigotry."

The campaign push will be focused on Latino, African-American and Asian voters in a number of swing states, including Ohio, where the Republican National Convention is being held next week.

"This partnership means we'll be having one-on-one conversations with voters from now until Election Day about raising wages, environmental justice, ending anti-black racism, and a path to citizenship for immigrant families," SEIU international president Mary Kay Henry said.

The campaign's message is: "Donald Trump takes us backward on all of those issues. Hillary Clinton embraces them and can deliver on them," she said.

Steyer started a political action committee in May with three other labor unions: the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; the American Federation of Teachers; and the National Education Association.