Hillary Clinton held true Sunday to her age-old adage on Benghazi. The former secretary of state admitted there were mistakes ensuring the U.S. Consulate in Libya was secure but said the concerns about security never came to her attention.

"You know, the ball was dropped — in security. And, you know, some of the decisions that were made — probably should have been rethought," Clinton said Friday in a taped interview with CBS "60 Minutes" host Scott Pelley, broadcast Sunday.

But beyond taking generic responsibility as the secretary of state, Clinton has maintained Republicans have dramatically talked up the tragic events of that night in order to destroy her reputation.

"I think now, nine separate investigations and they did not find any such culpability. I took responsibility, I was secretary of state. And I thought that was appropriate," Clinton said. "And what I was determined to do — is to find answers as to what actually happened, not what people claim, and what we could do to try to prevent that. That was in the tradition of what has happened in the past."

Clinton chided those at the Republican convention last week who had called to "lock her up." Instead, Clinton said Republicans should follow the example of Democrats with respect to President Ronald Reagan at the time of major losses in Beirut.

"They didn't politicize it," Clinton said.