Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has an idea about who she would nominate to the Supreme Court if she wins the White House in November.

While at a rally in Decorah, Iowa, on Tuesday, a reporter asked Clinton what she thought about nominating President Obama to the highest court.

"Wow, what a great idea, nobody has ever suggested that to me," Clinton said.

Clinton added that she believes the Supreme Court is "heading in the wrong direction" due to the right-leaning justices President George W. Bush appointed.

But Clinton's ability to nominate a Democrat to the high court first will depend on her ability to win the election as well as whether any of the nine justices retires. Four of the justices will be at least 78, making it possible that the next president could fill several vacancies.

If Republicans maintain control of the Senate next year, any left-leaning nomination to the Supreme Court would face an uphill battle in being approved.