Clinton Foundation officials quietly refiled three years of tax-related forms this week after the New York attorney general acknowledged the charity had failed to disclose all of its donors in accordance with state law.

Two entities operating within the Clintons' sprawling philanthropic network — the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Clinton Global Initiative — submitted supplementary financial disclosures for different years between 2012 and 2014 while denying Tuesday that the attorney general's office had asked them to do so.

"The Clinton Foundation is properly registered to solicit funds under Article 7A, which requires organizations to register before they solicit funds in New York," said Ricardo Castro, general counsel for the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump's eponymous foundation was issued a cease-and-desist letter Monday from the New York attorney general's office over the charity's failure to register under that same statute.

But the Clinton Foundation has logged its own financial inconsistencies over the past several years. In November of last year, the Clinton Health Access Initiative re-submitted several years of tax returns after reporters identified millions of dollars in foreign contributions that had been omitted from its disclosures.

Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general, is a Hillary Clinton campaign donor and vocal supporter. Critics have accused his office of coming down harshly on the Trump Foundation while offering leniancy to the Clinton Foundation.

Trump's charity has drawn scrutiny in the wake of a Washington Post investigation that exposed frivolous purchases and questionable intersections with his business interests, such as an episode in which Trump allegedly directed funds from his foundation to pay a legal due.

A Clinton Foundation official said he was "not certain" if the supplementary filings submitted this week were required by law but noted the charity would turn them over anyway "out of an abundance of caution."

CNN first reported the Clinton Foundation's filing issues.

A spokesman for the New York attorney general's office did not immediately return a request for comment.