Sen. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War, and said she learned from her mistake. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led the Obama administration into a war in Libya.

"Hillary's War," the Washington Post called it. Her staffers bragged of "leadership/ownership/stewardship of this country's Libya policy from start to finish."

The war lacked any legal authorization. It destabilized the region, and opened the door for militants to take territory and recruit terrorists. If that sounds familiar, these were also some consequences of the Iraq War, which she voted for.

Yet in all three general-election debates, Clinton received zero questions about Libya, the central foreign-policy "accomplishment" of a woman running in part on her foreign-policy chops. Trump mentioned the mistake of Libya a few times, but Clinton only addressed these arguments once — simply charging that Trump also supported her regime change.

Otherwise, in the general election, she's avoided all accountability for her illegal and destructive war.

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