Hillary Clinton filed written responses this week to a conservative watchdog group's inquiries into the private and unauthorized email server she maintained when she was secretary of state, but nearly every one of her answers included the phrase "Secretary Clinton objects to Interrogatory" or "Secretary Clinton does not recall."

Judicial Watch submitted 25 specific questions to the Democratic nominee on Aug. 30, 2016. Clinton and her legal team answered their inquiries point-by-point.

The watchdog group's interrogatories mostly involved either Clinton's public comments on her server or what the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it found in its review of her email habits.

Questions included:

  • When did you decide to use a clintonemail.com email account to conduct official State Department business and whom did you consult in making this decision?
  • After President Obama nominated you to be Secretary of State and during your tenure as secretary, did you expect the State Department to receive FOIA requests for or concerning your email?
  • During your tenure as Secretary of State, did you understand that email you sent or received in the course of conducting official State Department business was subject to FOIA?

Clinton's answers were mostly objections to Judicial Watch's questions, or responses saying she couldn't recall the specifics of her email setup.

However, the Democratic nominee and her legal team did answer a few questions, including one regarding an incident on Nov. 13, 2010, in which the former secretary of state wrote to her top aide, Huma Abedin, "Let's get a separate address or device."

"Secretary Clinton recalls that her November 13, 2010 e-mail exchange with Huma Abedin attached as Exhibit B to Plaintiff's Interrogatories was triggered by a problem with the State Department's telephone system. When Secretary Clinton wrote, 'This is not a good system,' she was referring to the way in which the State Department would notify her of telephone calls," the Democratic nominee wrote in response to the watchdog group's question.

"Secretary Clinton does not recall what precisely she meant by the words 'address' or 'device.' To the best of her recollection, she meant that she was willing to use a State Department e-mail account or device if it would resolve the problems with receiving telephone calls, so long as her personal e-mails with family and friends would not be accessible to the State Department. Following this e-mail exchange, the State Department changed the way in which it notified Secretary Clinton of telephone calls, resolving the problem that triggered this e-mail," the answer concluded.

Here's a copy of Clinton's written responses to each of Judicial Watch's questions: