Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has finalized joint fundraising agreements with 33 state Democratic parties, ensuring that her campaign and the state democratic parties can share the money they raise and offer each other financial help if needed.

According to a Wednesday night FEC filing, the states set up agreements with the "Hillary Victory Fund," ensuring that each state party "collects contributions, pays fundraising expenses and disburses net proceeds for ... the authorized committee of a federal candidate." Many key primary states and battleground states signed the agreements, such as Florida, Ohio, Nevada, South Carolina and New Hampshire.

In addition to the 33 state agreements, the Hillary Victory fund also has set up joint fundraising agreements with Hillary for America and the Democratic National Committee. By doing so, Clinton's fundraising dollars can aid Democrats in each of the participating states and allow donors who give to the state parties to aid her campaign, thus linking the success of other Democrats to her own dollars and vice versa.

The DNC's chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been accused of favoring Clinton during the primary process by holding firm on an exclusivity clause limiting the number of debates in which Democrats can participate. Recently, Wasserman Schultz re-shuffled the staffing in the DNC in order to make the party's monetary wing look less biased towards Clinton.

Other Democratic primary candidates have been offered joint fundraising agreements but none have finalized them yet.