Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Wednesday condemned North Korea's latest missile test.

"This is a provocative and dangerous act," Clinton said in a statement. "North Korea's goal is to blackmail the world into easing the pressure on its rogue regime.

"We can't give in to or in any way encourage this kind of bullying," Clinton said.

Clinton iterated her support for increased sanctions on North Korea, and called on China to force North Korea's hand.

"The United States and our partners, including the U.N. Security Council, need to immediately impose additional sanctions against North Korea," she said.

She also highlighted the "Pivot to Asia" she led as secretary of state.

"As secretary, I championed the United States' pivot to the Asia Pacific — including shifting additional military assets to the theater — in part to confront threats like North Korea," Clinton said.

Clinton also stated her support for American allies Japan and South Korea.