Hillary Clinton praised Obama's executive actions on gun control, claiming that his plans were influenced by her own proposals.

"I am very proud of President Obama's announcement today," Clinton said of the president's new series of executive actions. "In fact, I feel really good because I called for some of those measures a few months ago."

The former secretary of state has long touted gun control on the campaign trail, especially in the wake of recent mass shootings.

Obama would use executive power to increase background checks and ramp up mental health treatment and reporting, both of which Clinton advised in her October plan.

On the campaign trail, Clinton often condemns the GOP for pushing back against gun safety legislation, which she describes as doing the National Rifle Association's bidding under the guise of defending Second Amendment rights.

Clinton insists that Americans are "smart enough as a country to protect the rights of our gun owners, be consistent with our Constitution, and keep guns out of the hands of criminals."

"Thank you, POTUS for taking a crucial step forward on gun violence. Our next president has to build on that progress—not rip it away," Clinton tweeted following Obama's speech at the White House on Tuesday.

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