A new training course is underway in Colorado.

It aims to give teachers with concealed carry permits the skills to deal with active shooter situations.

The charitable organization responsible for the course, "Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response group" (FASTER), will train teachers who request it in various active shooter response scenarios and emergency medicine.

This is a positive development.

First off, there's the simple reality that the police cannot be everywhere at once. And while most police officers want to help anyone they can, certain governments in this country (to be specific, that of the District of Columbia) have argued in court successfully that their police do not even have a duty to protect any specific person from harm.

When one considers recent school shootings, the number of casualties has largely been defined by the speed of the emergency service response. If it takes 5 or 10 minutes for the Police to arrive, that's more than enough time for a mass murder. So if we're serious about reducing the threat of massacres in schools, schemes like FASTER are important.

Predictably, some on the Left are criticizing this move. Ken Toltz of the Safe Campus Colorado told an NBC affiliate that "The dangers of adding guns to a school environment are dramatically increased by allowing loaded lethal weapons into a school environment on a daily basis – as the promoters of FASTER envision".

The opposite is true.

Colorado law limits the authority to carry a firearm on campus to those who are teachers. And via FASTER, it now qualifies that authority by encouraging teachers to attend a free training course. This is not about sending wannabe cowboys into classrooms. The Left would have us believe that FASTER will mean Rambo teaching our kids Math. It's not. Concealed-carry permitting and effective training is simply about mitigating the risk of a slaughter.

I do not have kids. But if I did, I would want their school to have at least one teacher who was armed, trained and committed to saving lives. And I believe the majority of American parents would agree.