Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski responded to singer Joy Villa's assault allegations on Wednesday.

Villa filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police Department on Tuesday after she said he slapped her butt at a party last month at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In a Wednesday interview with Fox Business' Charles Payne, who has himself been accused of sexual misconduct, Lewandowski said: “Well, Charles, I think as someone who has been through this, you understand that there is a due process and there is a process which they will go through to determine a person’s innocence, which I think you’ve been through, and you understand it and you respect it."

In response, Payne said, “Yeah, I think everyone understands and respects it.”

Payne then asked Lewandowski what might have motivated Villa, as the two are both ardent Trump supporters.

“That’s a question for her. I’m not here to speak for Joy,” he said. “What I am going to do is to let the process play forward just as you did when you were accused of sexual harassment in your own case.”

Payne was accused of rape by former network guest Scottie Nell Hughes earlier this year. He was suspended by Fox, but the suspension was lifted in September after an internal investigation.

Villa famously wore a "Make America Great Again" dress to this year's Grammys and is exploring a 2018 bid for a congressional seat in Florida.