Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Monday the FBI should have warned the campaign about Paul Manafort early on.

“If the public reports are true, and there was a time where Paul Manafort was under a [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] warrant before coming to the Trump campaign, why is it the FBI never reached out to me as the campaign manager, never reached out to Donald Trump, and said: ‘Look, you might want to pause for a second and take a look before you bring this guy on board as a volunteer to hunt delegates to you,'” Lewandowski said on Fox Business Network. “This is a problem with the FBI if you ask me."

Documents unsealed Monday morning said Manafort and his former business associate Rick Gates were indicted on 12 counts, including charges for money laundering, violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and conspiring against the United States.

“If Paul Manafort did something in 2006, a decade before he was brought on as volunteer to the Trump campaign, then he should be accountable for that," Lewandowski said, before insisting that the counts against Manafort and Gates "have absolutely nothing to do with the campaign, have nothing to do with the Russia investigation and have nothing to do with the president.”

Lewandowski said last month that if Manafort, Gates, or anyone else “attempted to influence the U.S. election through any means that's inappropriate — through collusion, coordination, or cooperation — I hope they go to jail for the rest of their lives.”

“Look, if Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are guilty of tax evasion, money laundering, or hiding their accounts in Cyprus, or whatever it is, they should absolutely be held accountable. But they should be held accountable independent of the president, because the president had nothing to do with coordination, collusion or cooperation with Russia, nobody at the campaign did that I’m aware of,” Lewandowski said.