Surging Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is laying out what would be the most aggressive first day in office ever for a new president, starting with the elimination of "every single illegal and unconstitutional" executive action taken by President Obama.

In an epilogue to his father Rafael Cruz's upcoming autobiography, the Texas senator also said that he would rip up Obama's controversial deal with Iran, open an investigation into Planned Parenthood's abortion practice, end the IRS's "persecution of religious liberty," and shift the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

"All of that is on day one. It is an example of how quickly things can change," Cruz penned in his father's revealing personal story, A Time for Action, published by WND Books. The book's release date is January 5, but it is available on Amazon now.

"The left, and the media (who are in cahoots), try to convince us that nothing can change. They want us to give up. But strong presidential leadership, backed by the American people, can usher in dramatic change," wrote Cruz.

His day one five-point agenda goes much further than past presidents have been able to achieve and gives an indication of how swiftly he hopes to begin unraveling the Obama presidency.

Cruz also presented his short term plan to go even further by repealing Obamacare, expanding school choice, moving to "rebuild our military," doing more to reform the Veterans Administration, taking on ISIS with greater force and securing the border and ending the sanctuary city system that lets cities get away with harboring illegal immigrants wanted by federal authorities.

"Our country is in crisis," wrote Cruz. "I am convinced, it is now or never. There comes a point where the hole is too deep, the debt is too great, our liberties are too receded, and there is no going back," he added.

His Cuban-born father has been a star on the campaign trail for his own story of fighting Cuban authorities, coming to the United States where he discovered the American Dream and eventually becoming a born-again pastor.

Rafael Cruz has also become a voice for evangelical leaders seeking to stir the flock enough to get them to vote, noting at the end of his book that 54 million didn't vote in 2012. "Imaging if those people registered and voted," he wrote.

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