An extremely private and intimate wedding ceremony at an Indiana state park Saturday for Vice President Mike Pence's son has come under attack by a state Democrat who on Facebook identified the venue and wrongly warned that the whole area would be shut down.

The post from Sue Wanzer, a Democratic activist and local school board member, drew many angry responses like this: "Pence ruins everything!"

Second Lt. Michael Pence and his wife Sarah held a legal marriage ceremony in December at the Indiana governor's mansion. This weekend they planned to hold a more traditional ceremony.

Her October 18 post read, "Heads up: If you're planning a trip to Nashville (Ind.) this weekend, you should probably scrap that. Pence's kid is getting married in Brown County State Park. It's going to be an utter mess and a lot of areas (like the state park) will be shut down in large portions. This is unpublished, but reports from state park staff and things like flight restrictions over Nashville seem to confirm."

Actually, the park has said that the park will remain open except for the wedding area. "The fact that the vice president will be here will not impact our regular visitors," property manager Doug Baird told the Bloomington, Ind., Herald-Times.

The wedding is to be the ceremonial celebration for Marine Corps. Second Lt. Michael Pence and Sarah Whiteside.

Because of travel involved in the Marine's duty and the presidential campaign, the two held a legal ceremony in the Indiana governor's mansion in December, when Pence was still governor before his inauguration as vice president a month later.

The Saturday ceremony is expected to be very small and drew no big entourage from Washington.

The vice president's office offered no comment.

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