A Democratic state representative in Maine threatened President Trump's life in a Facebook post Tuesday, and vowed that if he ever encountered Trump, the president would not make it through his first term in office.

"Well then fuck you, snowflake. You're a fucking pussy ... See, it's not only Trump supporters who can talk like complete assholes," Rep. Scott Hamann wrote in a lengthy comment. "As long as that's what's coming out of that side, then I'll match you dumb fucks word for word. Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that pussy."

Hamann also tried to defend women from offensive comments had made Trump made in an Access Hollywood tape that was leaked last fall.

"The way he talks about and to women, that alone disqualifies him from leading anything. He's an admitted rapist. He inserts his fingers into women against their consent," Hamann wrote.

The Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas said Hamann's "implied death threat" indicates he is "unhinged and dangerous."

"I not only call on, but demand that Speaker Sara Gideon actually do something about her unethical and radicalized caucus. Is this language and behavior that she is willing to accept from Democrat Representatives?" Kouzounas said in a statement.

The Maine GOP provided the Washington Examiner with a screenshot of a private conversation between Hamann and a man named Keith. Hamann alleged he would take legal action against the other man for possibly reporting the abusive content.

"If your feelings were hurt by a conversation between two friends, then don't read. And if anything negative comes from your attack on my employment, my attorney will be in touch. Cease and desist," Hamann wrote.