Democrats are planning a day of speeches in the Senate haranguing the Republican Party for their attempt to craft a healthcare bill behind closed doors.

Politico reported Sunday that Demcorats will hold the floor Monday until at least midnight Tuesday in order to protest the GOP's attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have been incensed by the process Republicans have used to repeal President Obama's signature legislative achievement, calling for a more open and public process.

Democratis Sens. Patty Murray, of Washington, and Brian Schatz, of Hawaii, are leading the effort, Politico reported.

"We are going to fight it every single step of the way," Murray told Politico.

Democrats are angry Senate Republicans have not held any committee hearings about their healthcare proposal.

Progressive activists are urging Democrats to do as much as they can to stop the GOP from passing a bill.

Republican leadership is hoping to pass a healthcare bill by the July 4 recess.