From the Department of Yes We Saw it Coming, an exclusive story from NBC:

WASHINGTON — Former aides to Bill and Hillary Clinton are launching a new super PAC dedicated to boosting Democratic candidates around the country, NBC News has learned.
The new entity — called Party Majority — would act as a parallel structure to Democratic Party committees at the national and state levels while coordinating with them. Its creation comes at a time when party committees are struggling to maintain their relevance as donors increasing pushing money to political organizations that can raise and spend money with less regulation.
"Democrats are motivated to fight the Trump agenda, but without fully funded organizing operations, we won't maximize our opportunities next year and every year thereafter," said Party Majority co-founder Mike Lux...."Party Majority PAC will fill in holes to make sure activists on the ground have the resources they need to be successful, working with existing organizations both new and old to ensure resources are used effectively," he added.

I can't presume to know how the average Democratic voter will feel about this. I'm guessing the ones who are over Clinton are going to be somewhat displeased.

If you removed all of the personalities, you might conclude that this is just what the DNC needs — an organization that big donors will trust and give large amounts to. But when you add the personalities and egos back in, the arrangement described above implies that Tom Perez can't do his job at the DNC without the Clinton team holding his hand. (Of course that might actually be true.)

And Team Clinton is reasserting its relevance at just the moment when the post-Clinton Democratic Party had started to show some signs of life with its big wins on Tuesday.

An uncharitable sort of person might even suggest that this means the Democratic National Committee is going back into financial receivership under the Clintons. Donna Brazile describes in her book how, from August 2015 to November 2016, Clinton's campaign propped up the DNC financially and thus controlled the party, to the point that the DNC press shop couldn't put anything out without approval from Brooklyn. Could it be that things are the same now as they ever were?