Have you seen the polls lately? It's incredible. Everybody was saying, all of Trump's supporters were saying, they were telling me, they said, Hillary is toast. Trump was going to win win win. Now I'm looking at polls, and he's like going down down down all of a sudden. It's unbelievable. Wow!

These people, they kept telling me, they said that I had no credibility because I thought Trump was going down during the primaries and he kept going up. I told them that the people who vote outside of the primaries are different, that they'd respond differently to Trump. No, they told me, they repeatedly reassured me, he's rewriting the rules of politics. We've never seen anything like this before. They said, once he got started on Hillary, she'd be finished. The old rules don't apply. Out of touch inside the beltway elites like me don't understand how real America thinks.

But now I'm looking at these polls, at this RealClearPolitics place, they're good people over there. And I'm seeing 12 polls in a row that have Trump losing by an average of 6 points. And it's not like Hillary is doing fantastic, believe me. She's only at like 44 percent, which is bad. It's like worse than that loser Romney was polling at this time four years ago. And he was a big disappointment to us all, OK? He couldn't get the job done, and now Hillary is doing even worse than that – and remember, that Romney guy was a really big time loser. Big time. But Trump is down at 38 percent, even though everybody knows who he is. A Reuters poll — which Trump thought was doing a really great job during the primaries, by the way, he really thought they were doing a great job — they even had him down at 32 percent. Which is pathetic, to tell you the truth. Basically, he's dropping like a dog.

Trump was going to change things and win with the blacks. The blacks were supposed to love Trump because they understand how much Trump loves the blacks. He even has an African-American over here! He loves the Hispanics so much that he eats authentic Trump taco bowls (which, by the way, are really amazing, the best), and he was supposed to win them over, too. He was supposed to win women, because he's so great for women. But now I'm looking at this ABC-Washington Post poll, and I'm seeing like 94 percent of blacks and 89 percent of Hispanics have a negative view of Trump – and 77 percent of women. This is not good folks. Not. Good.

Now, one area where we at least knew that Trump was guaranteed to dominate was among whites, especially working-class whites who have been getting killed by the Mexicans and Chinese on jobs and wages. Trump is the only one who speaks for them, I heard. Now I'm looking at this same poll and I'm seeing that 59 percent of whites have an unfavorable view of Trump, including 53 percent of whites who don't have college degrees.

Look folks, this is terrible for the Republicans. Democrats are starting to unite around "Crooked Hillary," even though the system was rigged against "Crazy Bernie." They're coming together. But now Trump is still fighting with Republicans.

Trump was supposed to be a billionaire who could self-fund, and now all of a sudden he's begging like a dog for all these big donors to give him money, but he can't raise bubkes. He's supposed to be this major dealmaker, but with the pipsqueak money he's raising he couldn't build a frankfurter stand on Queens Boulevard. Hillary is getting ready to carpet bomb him before the convention, and he's just sitting there like a dog.

I know, Trump isn't supposed to need money because he has so many fantastic Twitter followers, the absolute best, and he can get his message out without spending a dime. Trump gets great ratings, and because he gets these huge ratings, and everybody wants a piece of Trump, he was going to be able to dominate the news and hammer Hillary and Democrats. But the State Department watchdog comes out with this report that was very bad for Hillary and this jobs report comes out that's just terrible, worst in a long, long, time, folks — and Trump is supposed to be the guy that knows how to draw attention to this, and bring back jobs.

But he hardly brings any of this up. It doesn't become a campaign issue. He treats it like a nothing issue. Like a dot. Instead Trump decided to complain about that judge's Mexican heritage and to go after Pocahontas.

Look, here's the bottom line, folks. There's a long time until November, but right now Trump is making Hillary look like a winner and he's looking like a loser. He's getting schlonged. Sad!