Donna Brazile joked about her "magical powers" Friday while addressing those who said she did not have the sole authority to remove Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee after she revealed in her new memoir she had considered it when Clinton had a health scare during the 2016 campaign.

Speaking with Bill Maher on his HBO show "Real Time," during an interview which started with the former Democratic National Committee head calling Maher a "bad motherfucker," the conversation turned to the controversy that ensued when Brazile shared her consideration of former Vice President Joe Biden as a potential replacement for Clinton when she briefly lost her balance and appeared to collapse in September 2016.

"I didn't know it was in your power, first of all, to replace her," Maher said. The DNC, in fact, issued a statement after Brazile's bombshell came to light, explaining how Brazile would not have the power to replace Clinton alone.

"I got magical powers. I can turn your hair back to the color it was 10 years ago, waving hand," Brazile quipped while waving her hand.

"You know, us Catholic girls," Brazile added. "We've been known to, you know, rub our hands with things and make it a little bigger."

Maher replied that they shouldn't be talking about gray hair, to which Brazile replied she could lend him some of her "stuff." Brazile's hair this week is noticeably more lavender than it used to be.

She went on to say that once she realized Clinton's health would not be a long-running issue — Clinton's doctor's revealed a diagnosis of pneumonia — she said she went back to fully supporting Clinton's run.

"God knows I wanted Hillary to run all the way to the White House, because that was my intentions when I became chair of the party," she said.

Watch the exchange below, starting at around the 6:30-minute mark: