President Trump earned the praise of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. Wednesday for his most recent comments about the violent rally in Charlottesville.

"Finally a leader in the White House. Jobs returning, North Korea backing down, bold truthful statement about Charlottesville tragedy. So proud of Donald Trump," Falwell Jr. tweeted.

Falwell was an early supporter of Trump and endorsed him just before the Iowa caucus. Liberty University is located south of Charlottesville, Va., where a violent rally took the life of a 32-year-old woman and two state police officers.

Trump has faced criticism from Democrats and even those in his own party for remarks he made Tuesday in which he decried the "alt-left" for their violent contributions to the weekend demonstrations saying there is "blame on both sides."

Trump's Evangelical Adviser, Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, echoed that sentiment in an interview Tuesday.

"Racism comes in all shapes, all sizes, and yes, all colors," Jeffress told CBN. "If we're going to denounce some racism, we ought to denounce all racism."

Jeffress said he believes Trump was making the point that racism on all sides must be denounced, and it is something all Americans should get behind. He also blasted the media's criticism of Trump's comments.

"The media, the liberals have painted a false narrative that the president is a racist, and anytime he tries to break out of that box, liberals aren't going to allow him to do it," Jeffress added.