An insurer has stepped in to offer Obamacare coverage to a rural Ohio county next year, the last county in the nation that had faced having no insurers to sell Obamacare plans to its residents.

The decision announced Thursday undercuts a key criticism from Republicans that some counties won't have any Obamacare insurer next year.

Insurer CareSource, a nonprofit insurer headquartered in Ohio, said it would offer insurance in rural Paulding County, Ohio, according to a report in Dayton Daily News. The move comes a few days after Wisconsin's insurance regulator said that rural Menominee County would have an insurer as well.

The insurer did not say what rates it would request next year.

While major insurers such as Anthem have pulled out of exchanges for next year, smaller insurers have picked up the slack.

For instance, insurer Centene stepped in recently to fill bare Obamacare counties in Nevada.