The FBI has given the State Department some of the several thousand emails that Hillary Clinton never turned over to her former agency, but were found by the FBI as it was investigating her private email server.

"The FBI provided the department with an initial set of material on Thursday," State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said Friday.

"We're going to review the material to identify those that are agency records. As we have not yet reviewed the material, we're not going to speculate further about their scope or content, nor do we have any details to offer on how or when any such agency records will be released," she added.

The FBI announced in July that while it was not recommending criminal charges for how Clinton and her team handled classified information on her private server, there were other emails the FBI was able to find.

The State Department said it was asking for those emails in order to maintain a more complete email record of Clinton's time in office. State also said it was intending to release those emails publicly at some point, once it determines which are suitable for release.