A war on women has been waged for a long time by elitist men hiding behind the apron strings of certain elitist women. It relies on the deception that the sexually incontinent male's idea of freedom should be the norm imposed on everyone. Feminists of the left have bought this hogwash hook, line and sinker.

A male activist advocating for abortion at a UN conference summed it up best:

"Let's stop fooling around here. What we're talking about is our right to f--k whoever we want, however we want, whenever we want." (For more details, see George Weigel's edifying National Review column "The Libertine Police State.")

Sexually "progressive" men have always been the main players dictating the sexual "revolution." Their feminist counterparts were propelled and shadowed by them. Together, they seek to impose a radical agenda that includes mandating taxpayer-funded contraceptives, trashing all forms of abstinence education, undermining marriage, standardizing third-trimester abortion, encouraging single motherhood, enacting population controls that erode a woman's choice to have a child, and, ultimately, enforcing eugenics.

A little history might clarify this. Nearly 100 years ago, a pioneer sexologist named Havelock Ellis had a huge influence on Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

He swayed her to promote his philosophy of unlimited sexual "liberation," as well as eugenics. Sanger's writings follow Ellis' lead, including the eagerness to decide who among us is "unfit" to live.

A few decades later, Hugh Hefner enlisted a push for unrestricted abortion by feminists such as Gloria Steinem to promote the Playboy mentality of exploiting women.

They were virtually in bed together on this from the start, feigned feminist outrage notwithstanding. The original coalition continues to spawn increasingly exploitative forms of pornography.

Elitist men have always been the demographic most strongly in support of unrestricted abortion, though they needed vocal women to do their bidding. Note this conclusion of demographer Judith Blake in her study, "Abortion and Public Opinion: The 1960-1970 Decade" in Science magazine in 1971:

"Legalized abortion is supported most strongly by the non-Catholic, male, well-educated 'establishment.'" She urged abortion proponents to look to them for legalization "in spite of conservative opinions among important subgroups such as the lower classes and women."

Blake added: "Upper-class men have much to gain and very little to lose by an easing of legal restrictions against abortion."

One key to the success of this pact between men who want to be promiscuous and feminists who accommodate them is their public degradation of women who resist this game, and their protection of women who abet and comply with it.

The inevitable result is celebrity womanizers like Bill Maher referring to Sarah Palin as a "t--t" or Keith Olbermann referring to Michelle Malkin as a "mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it."

In response, their female counterparts in the media and at the Democratic National Committee run cover for them, posing as poster girls in their contrived "war against women."

It's especially telling how the left has rallied against Rush Limbaugh for using the word "slut" in reference to the testimony of a feminist activist advocating for government funding for all contraceptives.

First they expressed shock - shock! - at the use of the word. They evaded Limbaugh's point that the mandate forces everyone to buy into the idea that all sex should be government funded. They portrayed the activist as helpless victim. Thus they conflate incontinent patterns of sexual behavior with "women's health."

Despite shills of the left among them, most ordinary women viscerally know that unrestrained sexual activity is an alienating trap. They know single motherhood results in increased poverty and hardship. And they intuit that there is nothing liberating about succumbing to an abortion.

The real agenda of sexual liberation never had much to do with sex or with liberation. The idea of freedom is the bait. But the switch inevitably comes in the form and style of Maher and Olbermann: the degradation of anyone who won't comply with their agenda of controlling women -- and everyone else.

Stella Morabito writes on issues of society, culture and education.