Male feminists take note: Bustle contributor Lauren Holter is on to your faux feminism and won’t settle for simple gestures any longer.

In a mind-numbing piece entitled “To All The Male Feminists Out There, Here’s What We Really Need From You,” Holter argues that male feminists cannot simply put on a “woke T-shirt” or add the word “feminist” to their Twitter bio.

Feminist women want more action. Holter lays out six “suggestions” for men who want to become genuine feminists, most of which are ridiculous and insulting.

First, she tells men to stop interrupting women. She claims that women are constantly interrupted “in any scenario that involves talking,” and demands that men allow women to “do the talking for a change.”

With such an accusatory attitude, I would probably interrupt her too.

Holter then asks men to “evaluate [their] language.” She notes that “male dominance is so internalized that it can be tricky to make your language less gendered.” Translation: Don’t ever use any negative adjective to describe a female.

“Calling women emotional, needy, crazy, hysterical, frigid, or bossy all perpetuate harmful feminine stereotypes,” she argues. Apparently, the word “bitching” is off limits too, guys.

Holter proceeds to tackle workplace etiquette, where she encourages men to share their salaries with women. She believes this will accelerate the closure of the so-called “gender wage gap.” The infamous “gender pay gap” myth has been repeatedly debunked, even by liberal publications like Slate, which notes that women make different career choices and work fewer hours on average than men. Some even, dare I say, take a hiatus from work to become stay-at-home moms.

Myth or not, I don’t know any reasonable person – male or female – who would go around telling people how much money they make. That’s a great way to create a toxic work environment.

Holter continues by demanding that men not only vote for women but donate their time and money to their campaigns. The narrative that people should vote for a candidate based on their gender is utter nonsense and often tends to backfire. Case in point: Hillary Clinton.

She concludes by telling men to "check [their] privilege at the door and help women in tangible ways going into 2018."

Donning the pussy hat in solidarity with other women isn’t going to cut it next year, fellas. Feminists are counting on you in their fight for feminist things … like more abortions and free birth control. The struggle is real.

Brendan Pringle (@BrendanPringle) is a freelance journalist in California. He is a National Journalism Center graduate and formerly served as a development officer for Young America's Foundation at the Reagan Ranch.