Former Environmental Protection Agency employees are finding new gigs as climate change activists ahead of this weekend's climate protest in Washington.

Nearly 800 former employees, some of them directors and senior staff, sent a letter Thursday to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, White House officials and several others, blasting President Trump's "policy of denial" on global warming.

"As former employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we know that science is at the heart of the bipartisan progress our nation has made toward protecting public health and the environment," the letter read. "Yet as we mark the 47th Earth Day this month, the Trump administration and its supporters in Congress are turning their backs on science and what it tells us about the gravest environmental problem of our times — climate change."

They said that the protests that began April 22, Earth Day, will continue April 29 to mark Trump's 100th day in office to "demand climate protection." They even asked McConnell, a Republican from the coal-mining state of Kentucky, to join them in the march against Trump's environmental agenda.

"The combined message of these marches is clear — that science must guide and speed our collective efforts to protect life on Earth from climate change," the letter said. "We urge you to join us at the climate marches and heed that message by rejecting the Trump administration's climate denial policies and taking the action needed to help arrest human-caused climate change."

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said in response that "it's easy to throw stones from the sidelines, but this doesn't distract us from our mission of protecting the environment and jobs."

One of the major points they try to make in the letter regards Trump's proposed budget. They argue that the president's budget blueprint would defund "climate science and virtually eliminate[s] EPA's capacity to take regulatory action or promote voluntary action in response to scientific findings showing that climate change already threatens the lives, health and property of Americans and people around the world," they wrote.

"President Trump's attempts to sweep away U.S. climate protection policies not only diminish the U.S. in the eyes of the world but set a dangerous example for other nations," the letter stated.