Ben Rhodes, a top national security official in the Obama White House, slung a white supremacist accusation at Trump's senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

He was reacting to ThinkProgress, a news blog connected the the progressive Center for American Progress, which had tweeted out a piece criticizing part of Miller's heated argument with CNN's Jim Acosta about the Trump administration's immigration policy on Wednesday.

"Stephen Miller's strange insult of a reporter is very familiar to white supremacists," ThinkProgress tweeted in teasing the article. Rhodes replied: "Perhaps because Stephen Miller is a white supremacist."

The article breaks down why Miller's saying Acosta has a "cosmopolitan bias" relates to white supremacy, pointing out its racist, anti-Semitic history. It also links to a Politico article, which describes how "cosmopolitan" is the "cousin" of the word elitist, but with a more "sinister" ring to it.