Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords dredged up old tweets from lawmakers offering their “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of recent mass shootings after the House voted to expand concealed carry across state lines.

Giffords tweeted variations of “Thoughts & prayers alone will not prevent the next heartbreaking tragedy,” to over a dozen lawmakers who voted to allow concealed carry permit holders from one state to legally carry their guns in other states.

Giffords, who has been a leading voice in the fight for stricter gun laws after surviving a mass shooting herself in Tuscon, Ariz., in 2011, said “this is not the kind of leadership our nation deserves.”

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act was passed Wednesday in House 231-198, with six Democrats voting in favor of it and 14 Republicans voting against it. The legislation also included harsher punishments for federal agencies that fail to report criminal records to the FBI and incentivizes states to keep their reporting up-to-date.

Giffords adamantly opposed the bill and said that “Congress has failed the American people” in a statement after it passed. Her gun control group ran ads against eight vulnerable Republicans ahead of the House vote.