White House economic adviser Gary Cohn on Monday reiterated the president's continued resolve to exit from the Paris climate change deal in meeting with energy and climate ministers from nearly a dozen countries.

"Per the White House statement on Saturday and consistent with the president's announcement in June, we are withdrawing from the Paris Agreement unless we can re-engage on terms more favorable to the United States," a White House official said in describing Cohn's meeting with several foreign officials. "This position was made very clear during the breakfast."

The White House rejected press reports over the weekend saying that Trump would not be withdrawing from the deal, and Cohn reiterated that statement during his Monday meeting. It was later reported that the U.S. was looking to stay engaged in the climate discussion while continuing down the three year process to exit the United Nations agreement.

Cohn emphasized the administration's pro-growth energy policies at the meeting, by saying that emission reductions would have to be balanced with economic growth.

"We discussed the president's energy agenda, and the role that U.S. energy resources and technologies can play in promoting energy security, driving economic growth, and reducing emissions at home and globally," the White House official said.

Participants discussed the role of advanced energy technologies, and how the U.S. and "countries can work together to provide affordable, reliable energy to help reduce global poverty."

The meeting participants emphasized "the important role that technology and innovation will continue to play as our countries strive to achieve these important goals," the official said.

"As a global leader in developing and deploying advanced energy technologies, including highly efficient fossil fuels, the United States looks forward to continuing this conversation as we work together to promote a balanced approach to reducing emissions that does not sacrifice energy security or economic growth," the official said.

The meeting Monday was held on the sidelines of the week-long U.N. General Assembly being held in New York. Environmentalists are holding an event called Climate Week meant to highlight the importance of the Paris deal while foreign dignitaries make their way through the city for the assembly meetings.