The National Republican Congressional Committee hung a "Hire Pelosi" banner outside of the Republican National Committee headquarters, the latest sign that the GOP is confident they will keep control of the House as long as Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is the leader of the Democrats.

Just six years ago, Republicans took the speaker's gavel away from Pelosi, and in 2010, the RNC's sign read "Fire Pelosi." The NRCC used the same sign from 2010 to send its "Hire Pelosi" message, and simply replaced the "F" with an "H."

Republicans have said since their victory on Nov. 8 that the GOP has performed well with Pelosi in charge of the Democrats, and that they don't want her replaced.

Pelosi is set to face off with Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, for her leadership spot Wednesday. Since announcing his bid for minority leader, Ryan has been a critic of the losses incurred by Pelosi and the current leadership team, culminating in President-elect Trump's victory earlier this month over Hillary Clinton, while also calling on Democrats to appeal to working-class voters that spurned the party in favor of Trump.