Rep. Keith Rothfus, R-Pa., argued in the weekly GOP radio address that the federal government has taken over every aspect of the lives of ordinary Americans.

"A regulatory superstate has replaced the sovereignty of the people," he said. "So-called experts in Washington churn out all kinds of rules and red tape without accountability, hurting millions of Americans."

He said "misguided" regulation of banks under Dodd-Frank is hurting consumers, by essentially ending free checking services.

"Similar harm has been done in health care, where millions have been harmed by skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, and in the energy industry, where tens of thousands have lost jobs since President Obama's 2008 promise to bankrupt the coal industry," he said.

He said the Republican plan includes an effort to ensure unelected regulators don't go further than lawmakers want, and also focuses on reducing spending to reduce waste and focus on important priorities.

"Make government publish more information about what it's doing, and especially, what it's regulating. After all, this is the people's business," he said.