The influential chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee moved quickly Thursday to question plans by President Obama to impose gun control next week, claiming that none of the administration's ideas would have done a thing to stop the recent mass shootings.

A regular on Twitter, Grassley tweeted, "So Obama will soon issue ExecOrders on GunControl/None of ideas put forth wld hv stopped mass murders of last several yrs/Do mental issues"

His was among the first legislative voices to slam Obama's plan to tighten the background check system by forcing small dealers to follow the same rules as big gun stores, a move toward so-called universal background checks that would even force friends and relatives to face a check when getting a firearm as a gift from a friend or relative.

Grassley won support on Twitter from some who urged him to counter Obama's plan to impose the change through executive powers, not legislation.

Grassley has long said that the mental issues prompting people to shoot need to be addressed before the rest of those who own firearms are targeted by liberals.

"Until we start addressing mental health issues," the senator said in 2013, "I don't think more gun laws are going to do any good."

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