When will we know if the Republicans have maintained control of the House and strengthened their majority in the Senate in the November 2018 elections? Will it be long after midnight on November 6, 2018? Or will it be decided and known by early evening?

Answer: We will know who will win the November 2018 election in the next 60 days when the House and Senate pass tax reform and President Trump signs the bill.

Done. Over. Game called.

The fate of the tax reform bill is the fate of the modern Republican Congress. A win will bring economic growth, millions of new jobs, higher incomes, and a great increase in national wealth as the stock market climbs yet higher. This will bring optimism and reduce the grumpiness of the lousy sluggish growth in jobs and income of the eight Obama years.

A win will be a signal that on the big issue of the day, the House, Senate, and president can and did work together to defeat the Washington special interests to create tax reform and tax reduction. Republicans had hoped to face Americans with two wins: an end to Obamacare and tax reform. Now Republicans succeed or fail with the power of one big win: tax reform.

There have been other wins. A newly-minted conservative Supreme Court, thanks to the nomination and confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch. And 15 times the House, Senate, and president have worked together to pass laws repealing Obama-era executive orders. The Veterans Administration has been reformed. We didn’t start any stupid wars and the war on energy has been replaced by a celebration of new jobs and opportunities for men and women who work with their hands and bring coal, oil, and natural gas from the ground to our home in electricity and power.

But those wins are not the stuff of headlines. Yes, they mean many jobs created in small towns and cities across the nation. But the battle to enact tax reform will be seen as a titanic struggle between the two parties. Republicans for tax cuts, and a tax cut is a pay increase. Democrats will be stuck defending Obama’s tax hikes, knowing that a tax increase is a pay cut for workers.

During the American Revolution, the Tories (the supporters of the King of England) were known as “Friends of Government.” The patriots were the “Sons of Liberty.”

When the debate in America is framed that way, clearly the friends of government lose.

Over next two months, that division between the two parties will be front and center for all to see. And when the GOP brings home a victory, it will guarantee a GOP win in the November election, because they delivered growth, income, more time with your family, and demonstrated an ability to be trusted with power.

Grover Norquist (@GroverNorquist) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. He is the president of Americans for Tax Reform.

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