Disgruntled staffers at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have managed to show themselves both subversive and childish.

While most of the agency has welcomed their interim leader, Office of Management and Business Director Mick Mulvaney, some fancy themselves members of the #Resistance. According to the New York Times, they call themselves “Dumbledore’s Army.”

That’s a reference to Harry Potter, the popular children’s series about an English boy who discovers that he has magical powers. And that’s pathetic. Of course, and most obviously, bureaucrats shouldn’t impose their will over elected officials and their appointees. But what’s more disappointing is that overpaid and overeducated public employees haven’t picked up a better book. Try reading something else for a change will you?

The so-called “deep state” will always try to undercut the Trump administration. The least they could do is use a little imagination.