Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager on Monday implied that former Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile is not telling the truth in her new book, which says the Clinton campaign effectively rigged the Democratic primary by taking over the DNC.

"We certainly don't recognize the campaign she describes, we also don't recall some of the events she said that happened," Robby Mook told CNN when asked to react to the book.

When asked if he was saying people can't trust the book, he said, "We don't recognize a lot of the situations, and certainly the tone and tenor of the campaign."

Mook didn't specifically address the charge that Clinton took over the DNC months before clinching the Democratic nomination. But he did say she was wrong when she wrote there were few women at the top of Clinton's campaign.

"She claims that the leadership of the campaign was all male," Mook said. "I'll tell you, that is absolutely false, and it's demeaning to our communications director, our digital director, our political director, our chief operating officer, my own chief of staff. Women were integral to the leadership of our campaign."

Mook said Democrats "love and respect" Brazile, but said Democrats should move on and be focused on "turning out voters this week."

Brazile wrote in her new book that it looked "unethical" for Clinton's team to take over the DNC so early, and appeared to be a form of corruption.

Her complaint verified the fears of supporters of Bernie Sanders, who argue the DNC was in the tank for Clinton and was working against Sanders.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said after the revelation that she believes Clinton rigged the primary.