House Republicans will conduct what may be the final congressional hearing on misconduct at the Obama administration's Internal Revenue Service amid an effort to impeach the tax agency's leader.

The House Judiciary Committee is set to hear testimony from legal experts Wednesday as members weigh an impeachment resolution for John Koskinen, IRS commissioner, that was first brought forward by more than a dozen Republicans last year.

House Oversight Committee members voted last week to censure Koskinen for allegedly lying to Congress about the status of records during an investigation into the targeting of Tea Party-linked groups.

The hearing Wednesday will mark the second time Koskinen's misconduct has come before the Judiciary Committee for review. During the first hearing, Koskinen declined an invitation to tesify, citing his busy schedule.

"Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist papers that impeachment should be used to protect the public against 'the abuse or violation of some public trust.' Commissioner Koskinen has most assuredly violated the public trust," said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a vocal critic of the IRS and of Koskinen.

"It's time for him to go. These hearings are the right first step, but ultimately Congress should hold a vote on impeachment," Jordan added.

Koskinen has been accused of obstructing a congressional probe into Lois Lerner, former head of the IRS' tax-exempt unit, and her office's abuse of conservative groups.

After weathering years of pressure to indict, the Justice Department decided in October to end its criminal probe of the IRS targeting scheme without filing charges against anyone involved.

The judiciary panel will examine, among other things, whether Koskinen's false statements and pattern of behavior warrants his removal from office by Congress.