Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner wants to assure the country his city is open for business and ready for visitors while it recovers from Hurricane Harvey.

"Let me be very clear. The city of Houston is open for business. Anyone who is planning on conference or convention or sporting event or concert coming to this city, you can still come. We want to you still come. We can do multiple things at the same time," he said on "Face The Nation" on CBS.

"Now, we're checking on our seniors, low-income communities, houses across the city of Houston to make sure that we are repairing those homes, but we can do that at the same tame time. Only two areas underwater in the city of Houston in the northeast in Kingwood, that is getting better. Then in west Houston — those homes didn't flood because of the rainfall, they are flooding because of the release of water from the reservoir."

Turner said the city needs housing assistance from the federal government right now, not just in terms of rebuilding homes but in removing debris dragged into neighborhoods by the floods.

About 33 trillion gallons of rain fell from Hurricane Harvey as it swept across southeastern Texas, and much of that flooded the Houston metro area. Turner said cleanup is ongoing, but federal assistance will make that go faster and help the city heal quicker.

In the meantime, he urged people to come to the city and not cancel trips or business engagements in the area.

"The city of Houston, just like the surrounding region, was seriously hurt and it's going to be a very expensive proposition, we take it day by day, but at the same time, this is a can-do city," he said.

"That is a can-do city, we're not going to engage in a pity party, we're going to take care of each other, neighbors are taking care of each other, businesses are responding, community is responding but we are getting back on our feet and we are open for business."