The Department of Homeland Security has received hundreds of design proposals for President Trump's wall on the southwestern U.S. border, and is expected to tell vendors as early as next week whether DHS is interested in talking more about their plans.

DHS has put out two solicitations: one for a concrete wall, and one for other designs. DHS said numerous submissions were made for both kinds of walls.

"Proposals for the concrete wall were due from potential offerors on April 4, 2017 and low hundreds of submittals were received," DHS said Tuesday. "Technical evaluations are currently ongoing."

"Vendors will be notified on or after May 8, 2017 if they have been selected to participate in Phase II of this design-build process," it added. An identical note was put out for designs other than a concrete wall.

The notice shows that DHS is still counting on advancing the controversial project, even though Congress is expected this week to pass legislation that falls short of Trump's demand for funding. The White House has indicated it would save funding for the fight over funding for fiscal year 2018.

According to DHS, it is seeking to settle initial contracts for prototypes only, and that there is a limited amount of money being spent toward that end.

"The prototypes will advise the design of potential walls that could be considered for actual construction in the future," DHS said. "Any such future construction will require additional contract or task order action, as well as the availability of budget for that construction."