President Trump is planning an extended road trip to sell his plans for repealing Obamacare, adding jobs and promoting infrastructure construction as he maneuvers around the scandal-obsessed media to talk directly to his supporters.

"He wants to appeal directly to the voters that elected him," a key White House insider said.

And that means traveling to electoral battleground states, as he did last week in Ohio.

"The goal is to get him outside the Beltway into the battleground states to talk about jobs, the economy, healthcare and infrastructure, not to be sitting down with [NBC News anchor] Lester Holt. That just gets him in trouble," the insider said.

Part of the emerging travel plan is built on a West Wing belief that Trump voters care far more about his economic agenda than the fight with former FBI Director James Comey or even the Russia investigation.

"A lot of congressmen have told us that their constituents want to hear about the economy, not Comey," said another source. "It was like that in the campaign. They didn't care about media scandals, just what his plans were."

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