Continuing its descent into the socialist abyss, on Wednesday, the Venezuelan government formed a "truth commission."

Authorized by the new fake-parliament "constituent assembly," the commission will investigate "acts of violence carried out with political motives or out of intolerance." It will be headed up by Delcy Rodriguez, a longtime puppet of President Maduro and the current constituent assembly president.

Explaining the purpose of her Orwellian remit, Rodriguez promised "an end to impunity." Translation: expect more bloody attacks on Maduro's political opponents.

Still, Rodriguez's appointment to lead the committee tells us much about the Maduro government, because Rodriguez is a kleptocrat of the highest order.

A longtime minister under both the Chavez and Maduro administrations, Rodriguez is known for her fiery condemnations of the government's enemies. And her record of absolute loyalty has served Rodriguez well. She is fawned over by Maduro and almost certainly proffered with generous oil payments. In return, Rodriguez serves as the female face for a child-starvation regime.

But the United States shouldn't play to her lies of legitimacy. Instead, the Trump administration should add Rodriguez to its list of sanctioned government officials.

As I've noted, America has a moral obligation to confront both the Maduro government and its enablers. And Rodriguez certainly has all the necessary credentials to join the inauspicious sanctions list.

Consider, for example, Rodriguez's conduct as foreign minister between 2014 and 2017. According to whistleblower Misael Lopez, Rodriguez colluded in a major scandal at the Venezuelan embassy in Iraq. Arriving in Baghdad, Lopez quickly learned that embassy staff, including the ambassador, were selling passports and visa documents to terrorists.

Such is the way of public service in Chavez's socialist kingdom. But when Lopez raised concerns with then-foreign minister Rodriguez, she simply ignored him. Clearly she was in on the take.

As I say, Rodriguez is a fitting choice to be Maduro's pet.