Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked a crowd just before delivering a speech in Washington at the Mayflower Hotel if former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was in the room.

"Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room, before I get started here?" he asked before starting his remarks. "Any Russians? Anybody been to Russia? Got a cousin in Russia or something?"

The jab drew laughs because Sessions told Congress this year that he never met with any Russian officials in the context of his role as a surrogate for President Trump's campaign. But he later had to clarify that he met with Kislyak briefly, in an April 2016 meeting that happened to be at the Mayflower Hotel.

The Trump administration is the subject of several investigations on its ties to Russia, and whether Russia was coordinating with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting an investigation and has already indicted former campaign chair Paul Manafort and his business associate.

Several congressional committees are also investigating, but so far haven't said they have found any proof that the campaign was colluding with Russia.