Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore predicts a "number of surprising finishes" at Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, including one for himself.

Granite State voters, Gilmore said in New Hampshire, have made it clear to him "that a significant number of them are uncomfortable with the choices that are being put before them."

"I sense an unease out there. [T]he high percentage of undecided voters shows that our party is not providing choices people want our nation to experience in the four pivotal years to come," Gilmore added.

Though the former governor of Virginia has consistently placed last in polls, he has outlasted seven other candidates since the 2016 presidential campaign began. He has appeared in two of eight Republican debates, and failed to qualify for the other six.

Despite only getting 12 votes in last week's Iowa caucus, Gilmore has said he purposely bypassed campaigning in the Hawkeye State in order to focus his campaign on New Hampshire.

After making 21 trips to New Hampshire in recent months, and boasting that he's made hundreds of appearances in Granite State events, Gilmore said he is convinced that New Hampshire voters don't want "boastful or mean-spirited candidates."

"They want someone who is qualified. Someone who will create jobs and opportunity for them and their children. Someone who will strengthen our nation and keep them safe. I am the candidate who can do that," Gilmore said.

"I believe in the people of New Hampshire," Gilmore said. "And, I believe there are going to be a number of surprising finishes tomorrow night, including mine."

With one day to go before the first-in-the-nation primary, Gilmore is participating in a number of radio interviews and a town hall in Hudson, N.H. On primary day, he will visit a number of polling spots and hold a primary night celebration in Manchester.