Ohio Gov. John Kasich believes the way President Trump is communicating and advocating for his policies is bringing "a coarseness that's unacceptable" into politics.

Kasich told ABC in an interview aired Sunday that Trump's controversial tweets and public statements slamming Democrats are not going to convince them to work with Republicans on any policies in Congress, let alone the healthcare legislation Trump is currently prioritizing.

"The coarseness doesn't help anybody, but I don't think it does anything to Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill," he said.

Kasich said Trump is essentially backing Democrats — and Republican who aren't toeing the party line — into a corner with his threats to let the Affordable Care Act collapse or letting third-party political groups air attack ads against them for not supporting his agenda.

"You don't put an animal in a corner without the animal striking back, and you don't put a politician in the corner without expecting ‘em to strike back," Kasich said.

Instead, Trump's tactics only further entrench the bitter partisan divide in Washington by forcing Republicans and Democrats to square off in pitched battle over various policies.

Speaking specifically about healthcare, Kasich said Trump's inability to unify lawmakers around doing what's best for the country is instead allowing each party to hunker down and pull further apart because defeat is unacceptable for both sides.

"They don't want to concede anything. One party doesn't want to concede anything to the other because maybe it'll make it less conservative," Kasich said. "The other party doesn't want to concede anything because maybe that will mean they put their face down in the dirt and say we failed."