It’s time for lawmakers to get into a room and figure out some sort of solution on gun control, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Kasich said the recent shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas, should put more emphasis on gun control legislation while still respecting the Second Amendment.

“Ohio is a place where people want to solve problems,” Kasich said. “They're willing to listen. I want to get a group of reasonable people, pro-gun people. And those who favored limits on gun ownership. I want to put ‘em in a room and see if we can find common ground.”

He added Congress should move toward banning bump stocks, the attachment to rifles that allows a semi-automatic rifle to fire at a similar rate as an automatic weapon, quickly.

“Those things ought to be thrown out right away,” he said.

Kasich said the discussion has to be respectful and realistic, because there’s no way to do gun control legislation without ruffling feathers.

“My purpose is to get people who respect the Second Amendment but can agree there are some limits to it, to sit in a room to develop policy I can pass on to the leadership in my legislature,” he said. “Without this process I'm not convinced we'll make progress. I know just arguing back and forth not working.”

He added, “We're not interested in having somebody come in whose idea is we're going to take everybody's gun away. That won't work.”